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AlkoLarm is a revolutionary digitalization solution for your breathalyzer. Using AlkoLarm you can recieve real-time alerts from your Dignita breathalyzer when a positive breath sample is noted.

AlkoLarm is a complete solution consisting of both hardware and software. In order to provide you with details of the vehicle's position when the positive breath sample is noted, a GPS tracking device from SweTrack Electronics AB is included in the AlkoLarm solution. All hardware products from SweTrack Electronics AB come with a 3-year limited warranty. This page contains information about the warranty coverage.

The information on this page is only valid for the GPS tracking device in the AlkoLarm solution. For information about the warranty of other Dignita products, for instance the AL-100, please click here.

Complete warranty information

What is covered by the warranty?
The warranty is valid for all hardware provided by SweTrack, including the AlkoLarm GPS device, and is valid for three years from the date of purchase. You may be required to provide a proof of purchase, such as an invoice or reciept, in order to claim your warranty.

The warranty convers errors that can be considered manufacturing errors. These errors will be fixed at no charge. For instance, a manufacturing error may be that an otherwise well taken care of device suddenly doesn't turn on, or ceases to work in any other way. Errors that occur due to incorrect handling of the device, incorrect installation or unauthorized modifications of the device or its internal firmware are not covered by the warranty. These errors may still be fixed, however, in exchange for a service and repair fee which varies depending on the type of error. The same warranty terms apply to all customers, both consumers and business customers.

How do we repair your product?
We always try to repair your product if we discover a manufacturing error. If it turns out that the product is beyond repair, we will try as far as possible to replace it with a new product of the same model. If the product you originally purchased is no longer available, for instance due to a cease in production, we will try as far as possible to replace the defective product with another product which has equal specifications and functionality. If this is not possible, you will recieve a full refund.

How do I report a warranty case?
Contact your retailer for more information and guidance.

How is my personal information handled by you?
Please refer to our privacy policy which you can find by clicking here.

Do you have further questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us!