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AlkoLarm is a GPS-based digitalization solution for your breathalyzer. AlkoLarm enables you to recieve real-time alerts when a positive breath sample is noted by your breathalyzer. AlkoLarm makes use of a small GPS device, which registers the time and date of the breath sample along with the vehicle's geographical position at the time of the alert. It's natural for you to wonder what data is collected when you're using AlkoLarm, which is why we'd like to take the time to tell you how we handle your personal information and the positioning data which is collected by the GPS device.

This privacy and integrity policy applies to all parts of the AlkoLarm system, both hardware and software.

Our Promise

Your information is encrypted

All your personal details, such as your name, e-mail address and password, are protected with a strong encryption algorithm and stored securely in our database. It's technically impossible for to retrieve your password or access your account without knowing your password.

No personal details are collected from your smartphone

The only data our mobile application collects, after manual approval by you, is your smartphone's current position. The app collects this position in order to show you where you are in relation to your vehicles. This position is only stored in your smartphone's temporary storage catalog, and is never transmitted to our server. We never collect any other information, such as your contacts or messages, from your phone.

No information is sold to third parties

We never sell, or otherwise reveal, any information about our users or their equipment to third parties!

Full privacy policy

Privacy Policy for our mobile app
This part of the privacy policy concerns our mobile app.

When you are using the app, the app requests your permission to localize your smartphone using its built in GPS hardware. This feature is present in order to show you how your current position relates to the last registered position for your vehicles. Any position information that is collected by your smartphone is never transmitted to, or stored on, any servers owned or otherwise controlled by Dignita Systems AB, SweTrack Electronics AB, or any other party. This position data is only stored temporarily on your device's local storage in order to improve your user experience. No other information, such as call logs, text messages, contact details or information pertaining to other apps, is collected from your device.

Information regarding positions and position history
This part of the privacy policy regards all software included in the AlkoLarm system. When using AlkoLarm, the GPS device will register the vehicle's current position when a positive breath sample is noted by the Dignita breathalyzer device. This position is then transmitted to an encrypted database server, along with details about which vehicle the information is sent from as well as a timestamp. The database server is owned and administered by SweTrack Electronics AB. Our mobile app, and our web interface, fetches this position data from the database server which allows you to see the vehicle's position marked on a map. Historical alerts and positions are also stored in the databse, which allows you to view past alerts and events. Our servers and SQL databases are highly secure, all sensitive information is encrypted, and it isn't possible for any third party to access the databases and/or servers in order to find information about how you've used your products. Please note that the GPS device only triangulates the vehicle's position when a positive breath sample is noted by the breathalyzer device. This is the only position data available, since the GPS device is only activated upon recieving a special signal sent by the Dignita breathalyzer device when a positive breath sample is noted. SweTrack Electronics AB or Dignita Systems AB will never share any position data with any third party, regardless of purpose. The GPS device does not store any position information locally - all positions are only temporarily present in the device's internal RAM memory before it is passed on to the database server. It's not possible to determine how the device has been used by physically modifying the device or its internal firmware.

Information regarding user names and passwords
The following information regards all software included in the AlkoLarm system. When using any of our software services, you have a personal user account which is connected to your AlkoLarm device(s). Your account is protected by a password, which you pick yourself upon creating the account. We strongly advise you to pick a secure password containing both UPPER-CASE and lower-case letters, numbers and special signs such as exclamation marks, question marks and full stops. Your password is securely stored and encrypted in our databse. It is not possible for Dignita Systems AB, SweTrack Electronics AB or any third party to view your password. We encourage you to keep your password to yourself, and to change your password on a regular basis.

When you create your account, we offer you the option to provide your first and last name as well as your phone number. This information is optional and is only used in order to personalize your app user experience. This information, should you choose to provide it, is encrypted and never shared with any third party.

Account Deletion
As of this date, our software does not contain an option to remove your account due to technical limitations. However, it is possible for us to manually remove your account and erase all data which is connected to your account. Should you wish to remove your account for whatever reason, please contact us and we'll assist you further.

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